An exhibition on vanity, selfies and indifference

The Insanity of Vanity, which opened yesterday at Spazju Kreattiv, is a transmedia exhibition exploring the social infatuation of posting selfies online.

This exhibition, by Angele Galea, Alba Florian Viton (actress) and Mia Scerri (videography) is a social comment on the frivolity of vanity and the fragility of our existence, once humans stop caring for one another.

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In the swing of existence [ENG]

Wi111ow Theatre took inspiration from some of Miriam Calleja’s poems collected in her new publication Pomegranate Heart and created a physical theatre piece staged at Palazzo Pereira, Valletta last month.

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As the dust settles – interview with Alba Florian Viton who plays Teresa [ENG]

Entrevista con Alba Florian Viton en

Trap-ease (2) [ENG]

Entrevista con Alba Florian Viton en

Physical theatre at Palazzo Pereira [ENG]

Wi111ow Theatre presents a physical poem, Trap-ease – A Physical Poem, in collaboration with poet Miriam Calleja and featuring live music by Fuzzhoneys.

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The passion of the spaniard [ENG]

ALBA FLORIAN VITON was born in Madrid, Spain, 22 years ago. Her father is Maltese, her mother Spanish and she came to live in Malta with her family at the age of five. Since she then she has made a name for herself appearing on stage and on TV. But, she tells SWAG, her real love is physical theatre.

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As The Dust Settles [ENG]

Entrevistas con Alba Florian Viton y Miriam Calleja en

As the Dust Settles [ENG]

Based on original poems and performance texts by Miriam Calleja, ‘As The Dust Settles’, observes the post mortem of a tango, danced out, whilst an unrequited dyad explores themes of nostalgia, wistful yearning, letting go and redemption.  The production is a a collaboration between Wi111ow Theatre and Le Salon Malta.

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